Men's Summer Rocky Mountain Retreat

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Hello Gents,
Just to let you know, we will open registration on March 1.

The retreat is a four day/three night retreat starting Thursday, July 14, 2011 to Sunday July 17, 2011.

The cost of the retreat is $375 which includes lodging and meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday breakfast.

For more information on cabin selections, find us on Ravelry at:

There are six cabins and one lodge to accommodate us. Beds are available on a first come, first serve basis. We do have a few queen beds for those knitting couples out there. You will have to let me know when you register.

Reservations will be taken up to 32 gents and then we will have to wait list those after.

Registration process will be posted on February 28th. (I know, I know you all can’t wait to register!!!).

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at


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Since Joe-in-Wyoming asked

Since Joe-in-Wyoming asked about the socks I was making during the retreat, I thought I'd post an update (and a photo). I was very grateful for a lot of help and advice, as this is the first time I've tried socks. They're planned to be calf-height socks to go inside my hunting boots, so I had planned to make them pretty long. I was about halfway down the leg and they were just looking too big. I was agonizing what to do, and thinking I would make that first one into a Christmas stocking or something, but Jeff said, "You're never going to wear it that way, right? Just rip it out and start over. You'll be much happier." Realizing he was right, I pulled out my needles and was about to start ripping when someone said, "Wait, try it on to see how much you need to adjust the size to what you want."

So I slipped it up my leg, and behold! It actually fit fairly well. The book had said to try it on once in a while, but I didn't know how to do that with the needles in, so I hadn't tried it. But now I've got a sock ready to fall into a pile of yarn, and it's actually a good size.

That's when Joe-in-Wyoming came to my rescue. He had a really small circular needle (looked about US1). He picked up all those stitches without dropping any, and apparently twisted them just right, because you couldn't even see where it happened when I continued knitting. I always have two worries when a stitch is off the needle, one is that it will start laddering down the work (which has actually happened on a number of occasions) and two is that when I pick it back up, I will have twisted it the wrong way, so I knit becomes a purl or something.

So when I got home, I continued on down and learned how to "turn the heel" as they say, that magic point where you actually become a sock knitter. Actually took a couple of tries. Encouraged by Joe's skillful actions, I pulled out the heel flap a couple of times and started over. Turns out I actually waited too long to start the heel flap. It's no big deal, just means I turn down the cuff at the top because it's a bit long, even though I measured it on my leg as I went. I realized afterward that you have to start the heel flap a couple of inches above where the actual heel goes, because the heel fits in where the "turn" is. Since the heel flap is a square where you start the turn, you need to start it that much above where you want the actual heel.

So then I picked up the stitches for the gusset, decreased back to the right number of stitches and continued in the round until I got to the toe. There I decreased again, and learned the kitchener stitch, so the toe actually looks quite invisible. It's a marvel.

Still has a couple of blemishes. First at the beginning of the heel flap, I must have knit the wrong direction on one row or something, as I wound up with a rib of purls in the stockinette. Similar thing happened at the end of the flap, so there's a slight rib there too. I don't think it will affect how the sock feels, but it looks a bit odd.

So now I'm on the second sock, cast on the same number of stitches for the ribbed cuff, then reduced it a bit for the calf, which will continue on down the foot. Hope the avoid the cosmetic problems on the second one, but we'll see. Now for the morbidly curious who have stuck around this long, here's a photo of the finished first sock.

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Mostly for my friends from

Mostly for my friends from the 2011 RMMKR, here is a photo of the finished socks:

Actually, they've been done for a while, but I didn't get around to posting til now. Yesterday, I put them in hot water for a few moments, then popped them in the dryer. I wanted to shrink them some. They need some more, I don't know how much they'll shrink without felting.

I put them on for the first time last night, and they were the warmest, most comfortable socks I have ever worn. I kept them on all night and they kept my feet so toasty warm. It was wonderful. The feet fit perfectly, but the tops are a bit large so they fall down. Next time I'll make the ribbed cuff smaller. I'm wondering if I could sew some elastic thread into the top to keep them from falling down. I might give that a try. However, they were made to wear with tall boots, so in actual use, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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The 2011 Rocky Mountain

The 2011 Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat is history, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Frank and Brady did an outstanding job of planning and facilitating, the setting was fantastic, the food was great, the company was more than wonderful. We knit, we learned, we shared, we laughed, we toured, we even slept a bit. It was certainly the best knitting retreat I've ever been to (yeah, the only one, but still). As threatened, here are some photos.

Facebook album (public). Those of you on FB, please feel free to tag any of these photos or make comments.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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As posted elsewhere, I plan

As posted elsewhere, I plan to be there [all things going as planned] and am looking forward to meeting all of you. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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where wil it be and how does

where wil it be and how does one get there?

we won't just get a cat, nubby nu nu, will manifest a kitten from our love...and lint from our hemp socks

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Hi Steve!! More info is

Hi Steve!! More info is coming, but it’s going to be held at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge in Allenspark (which is just south of Estes Park). People flying in to Denver International can take a shuttle from DIA to Allenspark or hopefully get a ride from the airport with someone who’s driving.

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I hope to go! Thanks for

I hope to go! Thanks for the update.

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Yay!! We're going to have a

Yay!! We're going to have a great retreat! I'm looking forward to Cory and Cathy's home-cooked meals!!

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Can't wait Brady! -- "All

Can't wait Brady!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."