Elizabeth Zimmermann Cloche by Anne Kuo Lukito of Crafty Diversions

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Finished this hat for Sabrina of Anzula Luxury Yarns. To be used at her booth at Stitches West.
Interesting pattern and construction. Yarn is Anzula Sebastian Superwash Merino and Sea Cell, Fingering Weight. Knitted n US1 and US2 needles. 6 days to complete. ( I had a deadline).

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Earl Grey! Now you are

Earl Grey! Now you are talking buddy! :-)


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with double-bergamot if I

with double-bergamot if I can find it. Lady Grey (with lavender) isn't bad either.

Oh, is there any other way

Oh, is there any other way to enjoy Earl Grey? Love the bergamot.
As for Lady Grey, I am not sure what brand you purchase, but I have Twinings. No lavender. It is a light black tea scented with bergamot, and citrus. Yours sounds a lot better. I do grow a lot of lavender, so, in the Lady Grey it will go . :-)


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Lavender - that was the

Lavender - that was the scent for Lady Grey that I couldn't quite put a name to. Thanks. I, too, am an Earl Grey drinker, along with tea in general. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Tea is the BEST, Joe. I

Tea is the BEST, Joe. I drank nothing but herbals for a long, long time. Now I am more into green and black teas. Organic Yerba Mate is one of my favorites of all. I cannot get enough of the stuff.


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Beautiful job Kerry, and

Beautiful job Kerry, and great colour.

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Six days!! Wow! It's

Six days!! Wow! It's beautiful. You really know your way around a ball of yarn! Awesome job!

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I love the hat. I thought I

I love the hat. I thought I knew every pattern of EZ but this a new one for me. Well done.

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The name is a little

The name is a little misleading. The hat was named after EZ, not designed by her. The designer asked Meg Swansen if she could name a hat design after her mother and Meg chose the Cloche.

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Kerry, the hat is gorgeous.

Kerry, the hat is gorgeous. Very vintage, but also mod! It looks great!

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Nicely done! I'll look for

Nicely done! I'll look for it on Friday...

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Anzula will be in booths

Anzula will be in booths 838 and 840 at Stitches West. Be sure to go fondle some yarn. My favorite is the 'For Better or Worsted' Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend. Oasis is also nice and what she donated to the Mens NZ Retreat last year.

THAT is one gorgeous hat!!!

THAT is one gorgeous hat!!! I was going to ask you how you did that in just six days, but I figured it out. How much of that can of sugar (Kool-Aid) under that hat did you drink? Talk about your sugar rushes! Given another can I bet you would have had that hat done in TWO days. :-)
Really, beautiful job.


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Fully Sugared (no diet

Fully Sugared (no diet crap!) Kool-Aid is the Elixir of the gods! That and a lot of Earl Grey tea. Caffeine and Sugar an unbeatable team, at least legally.