An APP For Knitters

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Nothing annoys me more than reading a garment pattern that tells you to increase or decrease evenly across a row or round of stitches, and lets you figure out how to do it. In the past I dug out my books of how to's, grabbed a pencil and paper and followed along with a complicated formula. The sample in the how to book of course works out evenly, which for some reason mine don't. Well, a couple months ago, while looking for APPS for my new I-Touch, I found an APP that will forever solve the issue of increase/decrease evenly on a row on knitting. The APP is called "Knit Evenly" and can be downloaded onto an I-Phone, I-Touch, or I-Pad for only $1.99. Its easy to use by plugging in the number of stitches on the needle and the number of stitches to be increased or decreased. Then you select "Flat" or "Round" , touch the "Calculate" tab, and instantly you have before your eyes 2 options:
option 1 is simpler and easier to remember and option 2 is more evenly distributed. Both options have a "guide me" that takes you step by step through the entire sequence to follow on your row of knitting.
I highly recommend this APP.


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You can also get this on

You can also get this on line. I have used it and it works and it is free lol. $1.99 is like $ 20.00 to me !!!!!!!

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Oh Bill - THANK YOU! I'm

Oh Bill - THANK YOU! I'm with you on that. As a knitter I've always been amused by my own arithmetic ineptitude, and irritated by pattern writers who assume my arithmetic prowess.

I'm getting this.


I think I'm doomed to

I think I'm doomed to pencil, paper, and long division. That is, if I can't find my calculator because it refuses to reveal itself until the next thorough housecleaning, which may be months. But, yay, for the technophiles. I'm a technophobe.

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I sooo wish I had any I-pad,

I sooo wish I had any I-pad, I-touch, or I-phone. That's what I get for being Small Town Knit Guy. Maybe I should move to Big City Knit Guy. Oh, well....

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I've been using it for

I've been using it for almost a year now and don't remember how I did without.

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I'm going to look for it

I'm going to look for it immediately! LOL
...bought it...but I think it's overpriced...should have only been a 99 cent app.

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I Like!

I Like!