Pints & Purls

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Someone has gotten smart enough to start a pints and purls group near me (within walking distance) Currently meeting at a local brew pub (the beer is GOOD). My first public knit outing :). it was a good time. i was one of three guys attending but the only one was the husband of the coordinator of the group and says he does knit, but he did not, the other was a friend of theirs just hanging about.

The group was about 30 people! Some people worked the room just seeing what others were working on, introducing themselves. had two pints, finished one beer sock and it was 2.5 hours later!


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I'm a bit jealous myself. I

I'm a bit jealous myself.
I can't find any other male knitters who are near.
I drive about an hour to knit with ladies.
I've mentioned the idea of beer and knitting but it never goes anywhere.

Any men who knit near Berkeley Springs, WV?

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I agree with MMario. I had

I agree with MMario. I had my monthly Knit Group last night and the only two "men" in the room were myself and my 5 year old son (he was not knitting but playing his Leapster). I miss my friends from the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat. :(

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Sounds like a great time. I

Sounds like a great time. I have a favorite brewpub nearby, I'll have to try something like that. We'll make MMario even more jealous!

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Great! Hope you'll continue

Great! Hope you'll continue the trend!


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Dito to what MMario said.

Dito to what MMario said. Extremely Jealous and I even live in Beervana!
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*jealous* 1) pub within


1) pub within walking distance...

2) knitting group within walking distance

3) two pints! my limit (medical) these days is one.

4) Two pints!