Just finished new rug

Here's a rug I just finished. I found the pattern in book of knitting in the round patterns. It was rather mindless, but that's what I wanted. Just a simple round pattern adding stitches in four locations.

I added a crocheted border to finish it off. I forget to add stitches as I was crocheting so it started to curl, but being pure wool I blocked it and it came out flat. Doesn't really hold a circle well. You have to put it on the floor and sort or shape it. Then it'll stay in place.

A great way to use up some extra yarn. You just keep going around until you run out or you have the size you want.

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I did something similar many

I did something similar many years ago with lot of odds and ends. I had to be different and made it hexagonal shaped -- I have no idea why. I just wove in the ends as I came to them... and then later just wove in the ends... and eventually, just cut them off short. There were thousands!! It's about 6' across. I did it all in stocking stitch, but upon reflection, I think I should have put in a couple of purl rounds, just to vary the texture a bit. Maybe on the next one. I finished it with a I-cord all the way around (took forever!).
You can see it in my album: http://picasaweb.google.com/tallguy403/Knitting#5089462113672199858

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?? How did this get

?? How did this get here....I didn't click on submit?
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