How things have changed

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During my lunch break I cracked out my knitting at sat at my desk directly behind my 50 year old Manager. A female colleague came over and began showing us the 'stud' injury she received during a football match the night before. Once she left I had a giggle to myself and my Manager asked me what was so funny. I said to him "I bet twenty years ago you never thought you would work in an office where the blokes are knitting and the women come in with football injury's"


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Thank you! I needed that

Thank you! I needed that chuckle this evening. ^_^

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Any time you need cheering

Any time you need cheering up Matt just let me know :-)

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"Ooooh - very bold!" as

"Ooooh - very bold!" as Kenneth Williams would say. Good for you. I used to say to people who questioned me about knitting, "Why do you think knitting is gay?" Nowadays the same people are more likely to ask me to knit something for them, which is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

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I'd call that progress.

I'd call that progress.

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Your not kidding. I remember

Your not kidding. I remember years ago having to explain to a work colleague that my partner was male - they never spoke to me again! The last laugh was mine as she had awful breath!