Oy..2 calls for help in a row!

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So I found a flower to knit that I thought was cute enough for my friend's gift....most of it is easy peasy and i'm having no trouble with it. Yeah..until I get to this....

Row 13: Cast off 4 stitches, knit to end of row (4 stitches)
Row 14: Knit to end of row
Row 15: Cast on 4 stitches, knit to end of row

Now I got 13 and 14 just great, but 15 ...i'm at a loss! Cast on 4 stitches then knit the other four? huh what? I've looked and read some examples ...something about putting needle between 1st and 2nd stitches and wrapping yarn and pulling through..yadda yadda..but I do that x4 and when I get to the next row and try to knit, it turns into one big loop of yarn...kinda hard to knit that! LOL

thank in advance..again!


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Bill - It's sooo true!

Bill - It's sooo true! LOL

Tom- Sweet! I've bookmarked that! I need to start making myself a little binder with all of these instructions and my patterns that I make.

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Thanks, Michael. I've

Thanks, Michael. I've copied and saved that.

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You always find the answer

You always find the answer on Men Who Knit! (even if it's from yourself!)

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Yay!! I found a great

Yay!! I found a great little instructional paragraph! If anyone else has this problem here it is!!...

To cast on stitches mid way through a row you turn the work so that the last stitch you knitted is on the left hand needle.

Insert the right hand needle between the first two stitches on the left hand needle. Wrap the yarn around the right hand needle and draw the loop through the gap between the stitches. Place the loop onto the left hand needles as you would for a normal cast on edge.

Repeat the process until you have cast on as many stitches as you need, then turn the work again. Your cast on stitches are now on the right hand needle.

Then you just continue knitting the stitches on the left hand needle as per your knitting instructions.