Looking for a flower pattern...

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I'm relatively new to the forums...mostly a lurker, but finally found a reason to post. I'm in need of help!

I'm making a cowl for a friend coming in to town to volunteer at Sundance and need a pattern for a BIG flower to add as an accessory/closure for the scarf/cowl. I'm pretty much a novice, but a quick learner. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


Now that's one good looking

Now that's one good looking scarf/cowl. Especially the flower, making something for a friend that fits the personality. And the work that turned out to nice looking scarf/cowl here.

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That looks very nice. Good

That looks very nice. Good job!

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Cheerful and Bright! Much

Cheerful and Bright! Much like the wearer appears to be.

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Thanks MMario! It's very

Thanks MMario! It's very true! I made it to fit her personality and boy does it! ;o) She's a great friend. I think, overall, for my first flower knitting project it didn't turn out too bad. Hehe..



Feel free to "Like" my page or friend me on Facebook and take a look at my Etsy store! Any advice or critiques are greatly appreciated! :o)

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Thanks so much!! I am a

Thanks so much!! I am a member of ravelry.com...I'm really trying to hone up my crocheting skills. I used to crochet when I was just a teen, but know it's like reading stereo instructions in japanese. :o(

I do have an etsy site with a few of my things.....I mean, if you'd like to see them! :o)


Not trying to "advertise" or anything..it's just easier to post a link than pics. ;o) Thanks again for all your advice! So glad I found this site too. It's nice to find a group of men with the same hobby/talent, especially in a field where we're the minority. Real Men *Do* Knit!!

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You can also check Knitting

You can also check Knitting Pattern Central (www.knittingpatterncentral.com). Everything is categorized there. It should be an easy find if they have some posted.

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Hi Michael...sounds like a

Hi Michael...sounds like a great idea to make something interesting and fun for a friend.

I would first say that it's generally easier to crochet a flower, even if it will be attached to a knitted hat. So if you have any crochet skills (and hooks!) I'd suggest doing a google search for crochet flowers.

If you have no crochet skills or hooks...there are quite a few knitted flower patterns on Ravelry (if you're a member):


Good luck, and hopefully we'll get to see a photo of what you come up with.

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Hey...I finished that

Hey...I finished that project! thought I'd share a pic! :o)