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Hello all! It feels like forever since I've posted anything here. Knitting has been put on the back burner lately, as I have been super busy with my new job. Anyway, wanted to share with you six more squares of the Great American Aran Afghan that I have managed to get done. As you can see, I haven't had time to block them, but hopefully will tackle that soon. So far I have 8 squares done total, and have gone through just slightly under 6 skeins of Berroco Vintage yarn (217 yds each). Need to get to my LYS hopefully on Saturday morning to get more!

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Wow! Nice job. That's a to

Wow! Nice job. That's a to of work.

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I'm impressed. I think I've

I'm impressed. I think I've managed 1 row on a simple project since Christmas.

The last square would make a great shawl center....

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I kind of thought that as

I kind of thought that as well when I made it. You'd just have to do it in reverse, since it's knit from the outside in, but I'm sure that wouldn't be too hard for you to figure out...

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If that's "back burner"

If that's "back burner" knitting I sure can't imagine what you'll come up with when you're on fire. Those are just outstanding. Really superb. I hope you get a break from what's taking all your time at your new job soon. I can't wait to see how this comes out. It's really stunning. Congratulations!

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Wow...very nice work...I

Wow...very nice work...I particularly like that last one.

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Thanks Joe That last one is

Thanks Joe
That last one is called the Georgia Vincent square. It's listed as one of the hardest squares in the booklet, but I didn't find it all that difficult, just a few awkward stitches (like yarn over wrapping yarn 4 times around needle on one row, then in the next row knitting all five loops together) I've seen a picture of a completed square where they left off the bobbles in the middle too, and that looks nice as well. Depends on if you're a fan of bobbles or not!

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STUNNING!!! ...instant

STUNNING!!! ...instant heirloom!

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Thanks Bill! On a side note,

Thanks Bill!
On a side note, not sure why a couple of the pictures came out sideways?! Stupid camera in my phone!