anyone heard of or used this book?

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During my frequent web searches, i found a book titled, "Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them". It looked a bit fun but was wondering if anyone has seen it or perhaps even made some of the patterns.


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Last year I bought a little

Last year I bought a little jacket for my mini schnauzer ... in the hope that I might be able to copy and modify the pattern and have lovely cables etc going through it.
As it turns out, the original is still going strong and everything else still nothing more than a dream ... because I am an incredibly slow knitter ... making stitches quick but as I only knit before going to bed ... I only last about 20 minutes maximum at one sitting/laying... before the zzzzz starts happening.

So buy the book or buy the jumper and modify it yourself ... it's all part of the fun ... but I do hate ripping... oh I will do anything to avoid pulling out and having to do it all again.


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I have the book and made one

I have the book and made one of the sweaters for my cocker spaniel. It was pretty easy and didn't take long. I have the yarn for another but just haven't had time to make it. For anyone with a dog I think it would be fun.

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I own the book. It was on a

I own the book. It was on a sale table back home in Anchorage one day when I was downtown with my mutts and couldn't resist. I have only made the cabled vest for a friend, and have not done any of the four pawed projects. Honestly, the patterns are not the friendliest. If you decide to attack something in there and decide that you think something sounds a little odd and you'd rather do it another way, I strongly encourage you to do so. But then again, I always encourage people to "just wing it". Really, what's the worst you have to do, rip back? I normally learn more as I tear back and discover what made my fabric do what than at any other time.

Good Luck!

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I agree. UN-knitting is a

I agree. UN-knitting is a part of the adventure, often more so than knitting.

If I have a little extra money, I buy yarn, fiber books, and knitting supplies. I get food with what's left over.