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Thank all of you for your excellent advice on circular vs. straight needles. Especially about the ergonomic aspect and comfort. I have transferred the Guernsey sweater that I’m working on from 14” metal to circular and I’ve noticed that my speed has increase, for me, and no wasted motions. Between all of the excellent knitters on this website there’s got to be at least 100+ years of experience. I appreciate all of this very much! Cheers, Sid


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I've recently learned about

I've recently learned about knitting sheaths for this type of garment. You use dpns of a pretty small size, but fairly lengthy. Makes a very tight stitch with less effort than circular or standard dpns.

Here's some more information if you're interested.

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Thank you for this

Thank you for this information! I believe you are in Colorado too. Where do you shop for your materials? I live in SW Denver and have just discovered a shop South of me called The Knitting Habitat. Have you heard of this shop.