Anybody on here raise sheep? Sell fleeces?

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I'm looking for some, and think it'd be kinda cool to buy from somebody here.


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If memory serves me, I know

If memory serves me, I know of only one source related to what you hope to do...sort of a CSA for wool, community sponsored agriculture, based in the Hudson Valley area of New York State. Those that practice the art of animal or insect husbandry for fiber are usually too exhausted to do anything else, let alone knit and communicate here on MWK.

But I could be wrong.

You also could ask a farmers market manager in your area...they often sponsor local wool sellers when locally grown fruits and vegetables are out of season. They also hear from producers who want to sell direct to the public but the product is not in their mix of vendors or unrecognized as such.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestions. There are lots of options of this kind here in California, but all the ones I know about are run by women. My hope is to buy from people in the same tribe.

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Doesn't look good since

Doesn't look good since nobody's responded. I thought about having a sheep on our quarter acre, but I found out that's too little land for even one, and they're illegal in our city anyway. I *could*, however, keep a cashmere goat, and I'm thinking about it.

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There are a couple with

There are a couple with rabbits, aren't there? And I think someone mentined having a bunch of either llama or alpaca from a previous venture still in their barn.

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How about spinning some of

How about spinning some of Buck's poodle clippings?

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What an excellent

What an excellent question...could you imagine how great it would be to make a garment out of bounty of somebody's sheep on this list? I wish I could say I did...but alas I live in a townhouse.