Orenburg shawl

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A few months ago I finished this Orenburg shawl. The design I found on the net, but I had to completely redraw it, as the chart was so filled with errors that it was impossible to knit. The shawl is knitted in one thread Shetland Supreme from Jamieson & Smith, 1kg = 16000m.
Greetings and A Happy New Year from a very cold Denmark

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Oh, incredible! Beautiful

Oh, incredible! Beautiful work!

fantastic shawl.....could you

fantastic shawl.....could you share the pattern with me I would love to make it....I leave in Paris France and I feel a little isolated here as knitting is not a national sport anymore....

thank you and Bravo for this amzing work,


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Gorgeous shawl. I have been

Gorgeous shawl. I have been bitten by the lace bug, thanks to all you fine men, and the socks bug.


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Very nice. -- Books,

Very nice. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Oh my, oh my....this is just

Oh my, oh my....this is just so beautiful, I do admire your grit in sorting out the pattern charts, not always an easy job. Again this is just to beautiful for words.

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Thank you everybody for all

Thank you everybody for all the roses. And Kerry, I found the pattern on this address: http://www.knittingpatch.com/Patterns/Orenburg%20Style%20Shawl.pdf
But I warn you, there are literally hundreds of errors, so check the charts before you start.

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Thanks Aage. I can see what

Thanks Aage. I can see what you mean about the charts arghhhhhhhhhh!

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Beautiful shawl Aage. Could

Beautiful shawl Aage. Could you tell me where on the net you found it?

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Wow. Gorgeous!

Wow. Gorgeous!

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This is absolutely fabulous!

This is absolutely fabulous! I have seen/heard of a type of shawl called a “wedding band” shawl that is knitted so fine that it can be pulled through a wedding band! This truly was a labor of love!

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OMG! It's beautiful! To sit

OMG! It's beautiful!
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace.
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Fabulous. I am most envious.

Fabulous. I am most envious.

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Wow! Now that's a

Wow! Now that's a masterpiece! How do you block something that size?

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Absolutely gorgeous! Good

Absolutely gorgeous! Good work. Was it knit in the round out from the center? (It doesn't have the diagonal increases which a square knit in the round usually has.)

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If it is knit in the

If it is knit in the orenburg traditional fashion - it starts with the bottom edge, then you pick up along the edge and knit the center and the two side simutlaneously at the same time; finishing up with the top edge knit perpendicular.

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Thanks, Mario. So that's why

Thanks, Mario. So that's why no diagonals.

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The shawl is gorgeous.

The shawl is gorgeous. Obviously a labour of love. I have some Jamieson and Smith Supreme and must apply it to something as lovely as yours.

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Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind words. It took about a year, but I have knitted 2 sweaters and an unknown number of socks in between, I estimate maybe 250 hours. And the yardage: it weighs 148 gram which equals 2368mtr.

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Splendiferous! How long did

Splendiferous! How long did it take you? Anddo you have a total for yardage?