Happy New Year....a technical question

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Happy New Year....How do I knit even looking stripes of color when knitting in the round? I'm working on knitting a hat in the round (working on another hat) using stockinette stitch...and changed color to make a stripe of black. On row #2, I noticed a "jog"....an uneven line between the rounds......Is there a way to make this less noticeable? Should I use a slip stitch at this point? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks so much....happy knitting to all. And again, happy new year....Cullen


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Here's a link to

Here's a link to TechKnitting's instructions for this:

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Check out "helical knitting"

Check out "helical knitting" for stripes that spiral upward in stockinette -- with NO jog! Kenny Chua has a couple of patterns that feature this technique: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/helical-hat and http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/helical-raglan .

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There are some videos on You

There are some videos on You Tube showing a few different ways to fix this problem.

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Google "Meg's Jogless Jog".

Google "Meg's Jogless Jog". The jog never bothers me and I think when the article is done it is not that noticeable.

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Easiest way I know of is

Easiest way I know of is change color and knit the first round normally. First stitch of the second round, slip as if to purl and the line will be even. You end up with one slightly elongated stitch, but it doesn't show. Did this on the boyfriend's hoodie and it worked like a champ! Hope that helps.


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I believe I read somewhere

I believe I read somewhere that at the beginning of each new stripe, you knit into the stitch below of the first stitch only. This pulls the stripes in line.