I Knit a Christmas Tree!

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Hello all, and happy holidays! So glad to have a place like this where I can share all about my knittin adventures. My latest one was to loom knit a Christmas tree, with poinsettias and lights! See the attached picture and read all about how I made it at http://loomdude.blogspot.com/2010/12/merry-christmas-tree.html . Have a happy and knitty new year!

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Thanks so much!! It took me

Thanks so much!! It took me about 2-3 weeks to complete, at 1 hour a day, which is about all the time I get to knit during the week. The knitting part was easy; figuring out the placement of the lights and assembling the tree took longer.


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Amazing job.

Amazing job.

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That's so cool! How long

That's so cool! How long does something like that take to make on a loom?

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What a great project. It is

What a great project. It is so wonderful. I love everything about it. I haven't tried to knit with a loom yet but, you are making it very hard to resist. I love your work.