Niebling Book Recommendation

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Knitter dudes: What is a good Niebling starter book and where can I find it?




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Lacis actually has a few

Lacis actually has a few free Niebling's patterns that you can download.

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oooo - that's new. heading

oooo - that's new. heading for lacis!

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Buck, I agree with Mmario.

Buck, I agree with Mmario. I have both of the books at home, even know exactly where they are as I was looking at them yesterday! Let me take a look and let you know which one has a couple of smaller projects in it. Understand that they are written in Japanese but that MAKES NO difference as the charts are all you need, trust me. Lacis does include a simple Japanese to English help sheet also. But let's face it a symbol is a symbol in any language.

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check out the books at

check out the books at Lacis. though I will say "neibling" and "starter" are not normally used in the same sentence....*grin*

I like the Japenese Ichida books for Neibling and Niebling-esque patterns.