The twelve days of Lace Shawls

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For those of you who follow my adventures and mis-adventures over at MMarioKKnits yahoo group. . .

Starting Christmas Day I will be posting the twelve shawls of Christmas; one per day.....

These are (as usual for me) un-tried designs - but part of the fun is trying them out and discovering just what kind of stupid errors I can manage to introduce into a shawl...


Lobster Quadrille.pdf103.89 KB
BOXING DAY.pdf88.97 KB
poinsettia.pdf65.96 KB
COVENANT.pdf98.69 KB
WHY NOT.pdf77.49 KB
White Winds.pdf35.49 KB
OWL KNIGHT.pdf98.31 KB
WinterSmith.pdf76.26 KB


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For a minute there, I

For a minute there, I thought you were knitting them "one per day" and I thought, "DON'T DO IT MAN!!!" Speaking as someone who knit 23 hats, one a day for almost a month... I can whip out a hat, but even then, it became less fun as time went on. Mind you, I'm looking at all those hats and thinking, "I'm golden for Christmas!!!"

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I'm crazy, I'm not INSANE! I

I'm crazy, I'm not INSANE!

I wouldn't even try designing one per day....these are a bunch I had half done, or charted but not inn document form - an incentive to clean up old projects rather then something new, really.

Though two or three newbies snuck in....

The hard part now is deciding which one becomes my January MMystery ThurRee and which 12 to post for the 12 days - and in what order!

I know which one will go up Christmas itself.... but aside from that I'm clueless....

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as a teaser: some of the

as a teaser: some of the names:
Lobster Quadrille
William & Mary
Death of Owls
Streets of MorPork
Queen of Monsters

tho' as usual I have four or five names for each one - not all of which I bother to put in the pattern...just to confuse people.

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"Lobster Quadrille" and

"Lobster Quadrille" and "Death of Owls" conjure up wonderful images!!!

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I'm hoping the shawls live

I'm hoping the shawls live up to their names....

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YOu may have noticed - I've

YOu may have noticed - I've been posting the patterns here as well as at M2K2

Hipp Gnu Deer!

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Love the Owls...may have to

Love the Owls...may have to try that...
Thank you for posting all these!

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Thanks! I'm up for the

Thanks! I'm up for the fun.

To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace.
~Milan Kundera

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Looking forward to those

Looking forward to those shawls. I have a basket full of lace yarn just waiting to be worked up!

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I am looking forward to

I am looking forward to seeing them. I love "The Twelve Days of Lace Shawls" - very catchy.

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Look forward to it. I think

Look forward to it. I think it's a great idea!

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that probably depends on

that probably depends on just how many errors I don't catch!