Lace inquiry

I've seen some lace around and I'm on a quest to find the pattern of this unnamed pattern. I haven't see the lace up close, so please forgive my bumbling descriptions.

It looks a bit like a standard chevron lace pattern, but has rows of purls suggesting a garter stitch. Also, it is a two-colored pattern -- each row of chevrons is a different color. Whether this was just slowly variegating yarn or actually changing yarn for each row of chevrons, i have no idea. Does this ring a bell with anybody?

While I'm specifically curious about this lace right now, i'm also interested in any two-colored or reversible lace patterns.


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the "not lined up in rows"

the "not lined up in rows" stumps me....

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Like the shawl in "Firefly"?

Like the shawl in "Firefly"?

hey mario, the closest thing

hey mario, the closest thing i can find is:

but the lacy bits aren't separated by the knit columns and the lace motif is staggered instead of all lined up in columns. and there were purl rows across each lacy fan motif thing.