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Good morning/afternoon/evening/night gentlemen, wherever you are in the world I hope things are going great.

I need some scarf recommendations. My niece is coming to stay with us in Quebec, Canada (she's coming from Cancun, Mexico) for 6 months and I want to give her a scarf and hat for Christmas, she will definitely need them as it gets quite cold here. She's 17, and I purchased a cream colored yarn for this project. It should look good on her as she is quite tanned.

I've already made her a hat and now I'm looking for a scarf pattern. I want something age appropriate that will be warm enough and will knit fast enough for me to give it to her at Christmas. The yarn I have is #3, i think, which I believe is worsted. Its hard to tell, I bought it in bulk and there was no label.

Does anyone have any patterns they can suggest?
Any suggestions would me much appreciated.




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David, I found a free

I found a free downloadable pattern on Ravelry offerred by Julieanne Smith. Its a quick knit, contemporary, and comfortable to wear. I've kicked out 4 over the last 10 days. Its not a traditional scarf. Julieanne describes her pattern as a "burberry inspired cowl neck scarf." Its a perfect gift, easy and fast to knit, and looks stylish. The pattern calls for a bulky yarn, but I used worsted weight yarn using two strands knit at the same time. The yarn yardage was just over 200 yards/ hank. I'm currently working on my 5th cowl scarf using Cascade wool and bamboo.
Check it out and see what you think.

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Would you be able to provide

Would you be able to provide me with the link? I tried searching for Julieanne Smith on Raverly and found nothing...

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Thanks Mario, I found the

Thanks Mario,
I found the pattern on raverly. Have you ever made a palindrome scarf before, is it very time consuming? I've made other cabled scarves, I'm wondering how this compares...

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No longer then other cabled

No longer then other cabled scarves in my opinion - it is done in ribbing (which is why it's reversible) which bugs some people . But since it is made in ribbing you can go up a size or two in needle and still get good definition on your cables - which means faster knitting.

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Palindrome? It's a

Palindrome? It's a reversible cabled scarf; which means she wouldn't have to worry about how she wrapped it as it *is* reversible.

Making it a bit longer then normal would give her options in how to wear it as well.