Tennis Elbow/Knitting....AGAIN.

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The tennis elbow is BACK. With a vengeance. Clearly, I'm going to need to take a break from knitting. Sigh. For those of you who have had this and had to cut back - did you survive? How long did it take? Did you allow yourself to knit for shorter amounts of time, and if so, how long?

I have done the medical route: cortisone shot in August, prescription strength naproxen, ice packs, elbow strap...

Laying off the knitting for now and feeling bitter,
Jonathan in DC


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Man, not knitting sure would

Man, not knitting sure would be a tough pill to swallow. You got my sympathy, Bro. I hope you're able to find some way around it.

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I wonder if there's

I wonder if there's something about your technique Jonathan, that's causing this. Are you doing something stressful when you're knitting? If the cause were knitting in general, we'd all have the same problem.

The other thing you might try is a knitting sheath. They've been said to reduce stress and damage to the hands and wrists. Worth checking out at least.

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I agree, with the

I agree, with the accupuncture, but I adapted my technique and worked with an Alexander technique instructor to make my movement more efficient and less stressful to my tendons, etc.

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I found acupuncture works

I found acupuncture works well with inflammations

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