Men's Fingerless Glove

Not enough length between beginning index finger and body of glove. It's pulling the wrist up. Guage. Guage. Guage. Thumb is okay. I should have six stitches per inch and I have closer to seven using #4 DPN's, two strands of Lang (sock) Yarn, Jawoll Superwash red and burgundy. The color combination creates a GREAT texture.

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You could add some short row

You could add some short row shaping to add some extra height where you need it.

Thanks Graig. I just

Thanks Graig. I just finished watching a video on short-rows on I've been getting lots of advice ... really cool. Last night I pulled back everything to the white thread. I'm going to switch from #3 to #4 DPNs. I get 28 stiches per 4 inches and I should only have 24. I just need to get back to it! Thanks again,

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Looking good Tony. I've been

Looking good Tony. I've been wanting to do some fingerless gloves, but haven't had the time yet. Working on too many Christmas projects right now. But I'm glad to be learning from your experience