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Hello Men,
I am new here but wanted to say hello to everyone. I have read a lot of your blogs and find it comforting to know other men enjoy knitting. I learned as a young boy or 12 while recovering in the hospital from rheumatic fever, but never really got into it back then. Now, at 57, I decided that I would pick up the needles again and have a go at it as an adult. I teach in a middle school and find that knitting really helps me unwind from the day. It's very inexpensive therapy! Ha!

After practicing and making all sorts of odd things that were supposed to be 4x4" squares, I decided that I would better use my time to actually trying something. I found a simple pattern for making a stocking hat. It only took me four evenings to complete and I only dropped three of which I rescued thanks to some great tutorials on

I cast on 80 stitches thinking it would fit me okay. It does, but it's a bit tight. I think I'll go for 96 next time (groups of 8) and see what that gets me. I also learned that I need to do a rib stitch for the first couple inches so I don't get a rolled bottom.

Anyway, I thought I'd share my first project with you all. I'm pretty proud, even though it is so simple. I hope to hear from some of you, especially those in the Chicago area. I am in the northwest burbs and would enjoy getting together with other men who knit. I can only learn so much from online tutorials and I have loads of questions that I'd love to sit down with someone and chat about. My wife does needlepoint, so she can't help me with this craft.

Nice to meet you all!

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Mark, Great job on the hat.


Great job on the hat. your journey sounds very similar to mine - learned as a youngster and didn't pick it up again until much later. I did the same thing with those squares as well - and then joined them together and made a blanket which I donated to a homeless guy I'd driven by for several years. Since then I've become hooked! Welcome to the group of guy knitters.


PS - I still tend to stay away from anything that has to fit. But I really am going to try to knit myself a vest this winter!

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Congratuation Mark on your

Congratuation Mark on your new project. It looks great! So nice to hear guys picking up the knitting needles again.

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Nicely done! I too got back

Nicely done! I too got back into knitting after a few years off, but my first effort didn't look anywhere near that good.

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I agree, that hat looks like

I agree, that hat looks like a great start. Congrats!

Chicago, eh? You aren't so very far from a hub of great knitting, I believe, and that's even for male knitters and designers. I'm a little envious. I generally have to travel a good hour or so to find other guys who knit out in my little corner of Jersey. Best wishes on your search!

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Welcome to MWK, I've found

Welcome to MWK, I've found the group to be warm, friendly and supportive with a great amount of knowledge which is happily shared.

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Welcome to MWK...we are a

Welcome to MWK...we are a great bunch of knitters and a good resource as well. I like your cap and look forward to seeing more of your projects. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The hat looks good. You are

The hat looks good. You are off to a great start.....Happy knitting. Cullen

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Thank you, Cullen. I feel

Thank you, Cullen. I feel good about it. I'm encouraged to start another one only larger.

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Welcome to the group.

Welcome to the group.

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Thanks Craig! It's nice to

Thanks Craig! It's nice to be among new friends.