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Here are some socks I was working on recently, the top one is yarn from Cabin Cove (Dave) Mercantile...he does some great colours.

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Lars, I'm with you on that

Lars, I'm with you on that rule, although both socks now have a mate and have gone to their new owners. I was best man at a friend's wedding years ago and I noticed he had on socks that didn't match (he was very vague) but the director of the main art gallery here in Sydney wears odd socks intentionally, his trademark, and the gallery shop even sells pairs of odd socks in plain colours.

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Thanks Paul and Ken, they

Thanks Paul and Ken, they were fun to do.

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They are wonderful

They are wonderful socks!   And Dave's yarn is just awesome!  His colors are wonderful!

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Great looking socks Kerry. 

Great looking socks Kerry.  I'm definitely going to have to try some of Dave's yarns