Baby Alpaca Vest

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Hi guys
My recent project. I love it. Vest in Baby Alpaca DK. I used a basic pattern from Phildar and resized it and added a houndstooth pattern to the front piece.
Right on time for my Broadway weekend :-)



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Very nice. I like the

Very nice. I like the houndstooth as it gives a nice touch but isn't as overwhelming as it would be if used overall. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm wanting to knit myself a

I'm wanting to knit myself a vest - first time! I have knit myself one sweater and hated it - didn't fit well - didn't look good - yuckkk... So I've put it off - but you are inspiring me to have another go at it. Anyone have any recommended pattern?


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That's great! It will look

That's great! It will look wonderful on you.

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Beautiful! I'm sure there

I'm sure there are black lurex threads in there...I just can't see them...

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Compliments, looks great!

Compliments, looks great!