Second Sweater Workshop Jersey - Cable

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Here is my newly finished jumper using "The Sweater Workshop" method.  It originally called for the twisted double braid only up the front but I decided to add the cable to the arms and then to do the yoke in 1x1 ribbing.  I decided to do a roll collar on it to compliment the yoke.  It is done 99% in the round and seamless.  It was fun to be creative with the pattern and to do what I wanted instead of slavishly following a commercial pattern.  It fits me perfectly and I'm happy to have made it up myself.  The colour is a rust-brown, very 1970's but a great colour on me and not easily found.

I don't want to sound like a commercial for this book, but if you're wanting to take your knitting to a new plane and can't figure out Elizabeth Zimmermann's formula, this is the book for you!


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Damn, that's great

Damn, that's great work!!! 

I'm buying this book!

Excellent work Jesse. Very

Excellent work Jesse. Very impressed. I hope mine turns out as well as yours.


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Looks great Jesse, and I'm

Looks great Jesse, and I'm still on the sampler!  Which decrease are you using for the raglan sleaves?

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Absolutely stunning.  Well

Absolutely stunning.  Well done.

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I did it in an 8 ply Patons

I did it in an 8 ply Patons wool.  Needle sizes - ribbing 3.25 mm, body 4 mm.  Sorry, I don't know the US sizing.  Thanks for the appreciation.  I enjoyed "doing it myself"!

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Excellent work,Jesse. The

Excellent work,Jesse. The colour is just perfect, I wouldn't regard it as 70's. I have yet to do a project using the "Sweater Workshop" method. I have the book and have only flicked through it. I want to complete other WIP before starting something else!!!!

What an AMAZING!!! JOB. 

What an AMAZING!!! JOB.  Love the sweater, the color, really great.  Size 8us needles for the body?


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Great job

Great job Jesse!

Congratulations on a job well done -

Jonathan in DC 

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VERY, very handsome! .

VERY, very handsome! . ....what is the yarn and needle size?