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I stopped by my LYS (Fiberphilia in Orono, Maine) to pick out yarn to start my Great American Aran Afghan. I went in with my heart (and mind) set on Cascade 220 in natural. After the lady (can't remember her name!) showed me a few different options (as well as sample knits of each), I decided NOT to go with the Cascade 220. Instead, I'm the proud of owner of 6 (for now) skeins of Berroco Vintage in a natural color. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it's 50% acrylic, 40% wool, and 10% nylon. It feels nice to touch, and has good stitch definition, as well as being machine washable. The machine washable aspect didn't really affect me that much, as I would probably hand wash the afghan anyway, but it's nice to know that you COULD machine wash it. I had too many things to do when I got home, and have to put in a 9 hour day at work tomorrow, but after that I will definitly be casting on for the first square!


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I made mittens out of a

I made mittens out of a beautiful dusty purple Vintage, they have a wonderful hand to them and the color was one of the nicest purples I've seen. Nice yarn choice.

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Can't wait to see your

Can't wait to see your project.

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I will try my best to show

I will try my best to show some pictures of each square in progress, and as each square is finished...then EVENTUALLY the whole thing put together! I knit for about 4 hours last night and got a little over half of the Dagmara Berztiss (latvian moon cross) square's not listed under the "5 easiest" squares, but it's certainly not difficult! I think I will try one of the more difficult ones next. I will admit to "cheating" a little bit.....I sat down with the chart and wrote out the instructions, since I'm not very good at reading charts!

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I just knit a cabled beret

I just knit a cabled beret in Vintage, and will definitely consider it for a sweater... I'm hoping this one:

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Lots of luck with the

Lots of luck with the afghan. One thing another knitter I know did was photocopy the graphs [enlarging them] cut them out, then arrange them in order on a larger piece of paper. She found it easier to keep track of the patterns that way. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I just finished a vest in

I just finished a vest in vintage. Love it!
Good luck with your afghan!

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I like the way Vintage knits

I like the way Vintage knits up, plus you can't beat the price point!