Anyone Knit Pants Before?

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Hi all,

Someone asked me to knit a pair of pants for them. I've never done pants before, but I have the pattern: . Have any of you knit pants before? What were some of the issues that came up when you did it? What weight and kind of yarn did you use? How much did you charge for them? Naturally I will be adapting the project for my loom, so I am going to do a little research to see if I can find a pattern for loom-knit pants.



I haven't knit them - but I

I haven't knit them - but I own a few pairs and they are really comfy:

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Thanks guys for your help! I

Thanks guys for your help! I will keep you posted on my progress...


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I have never knit pants. I

I have never knit pants. I am wondering though why you couldn't take the boxer short pattern, that several made and just keep going on the legs, that is if it starts with the waist band. Keep us posted on what you find and do.

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You might also like to have

You might also like to have a look a Gams on and Ravelry. I saw two pages of Gams just last night.

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I've thought of knitting

I've thought of knitting pants, like pajamas for a Christmas present for my niece. I was figuring to do it flat on my knitting machine. Never tried anything but hats on a loom yet, but I suppose you could do it.

Jon, I'm not sure why you'd do them in the round like a sweater. On a loom that makes sense, but otherwise, the body is relatively small compared to the legs, opposite of how a sweater is made. I guess you could make three tubes and seam them together, but it would appear that's just as much seaming as making them flat. I guess if you just prefer them round, that makes sense, but otherwise, it's not saving work or eliminating seams like for a sweater.

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I see what you mean that

I see what you mean that there's no "body" to attach to after the legs are completed, but I was thinking that after completing both legs from the bottom up in the round, that you could pick up all the stitches on one long circular needle and continue with the body? I don't have the "Knitter's Almanac" with me, but I think I remember that Zimmerman's "Nether Garments" chapter has you doing these in the round. But then again, I think she knitted everything in the round.

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I guess that makes more

I guess that makes more sense; to pick up the stitches on the top of the legs to make the upper part. I'm still trying to envision in my mind how two tubes get converted to one, but it does seem like it could be done.

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Yes, it was basically

Yes, it was basically knitted in the round. Another source is Barbara Walker's 'Knitting from the Top'. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I haven't knit pants before,

I haven't knit pants before, but it's an idea that's been really interesting me. Elizabeth Zimmerman in the Almanac has a pattern for what might be called ladies long johns. I'm more interested in trying to knit something that's more like sweatpants, and less like women's tights or pajamas.

But really, every pattern I've seen for knitted "bottom-wear" looks off that mark somehow.

One issue is what fiber to use. If you use an inelsatic fiber like cotton, will it tend to droop ... as in droopy drawers? If you use an elastic one like wool, aside from possible comfort issues (will they be too warm?), i'm wondering if they might hug a persons form too closely? I guess you could control that with the ease you allowed in the knitting.

I'm thinking a cotton yarn with elastic in it might be a good bet? Maybe Schulana SuperCotton Yarn (, or Rowan Calmer (, or Crystal Palace Cotton Twirl (

I just started knitting a T-shirt using Crystal Palace Cotton Panda yarn, but it's more a sock-weight. For the pattern you have, calling for worsted weight, I'd be a little worried about the physical weight of cotton - I think it might pull towards the ground from the weight of the garmet.

Maybe a cotton/wool mixture then? here's some possibilities:

If you move ahead with the project, I'm going to be really interested in your observations! The pattern you attached form Bernat is having you knit this flat, but I think pants would be ideal for knitting in the round. I think you could probably treat attaching the legs similar to how you would attach the arms of a sweater when you knit a raglan in the round?