WSJ Article About Men's Knitting Circle at Knitty City

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Did you all read this one? It was in the Wall Street Journal 10/22/10 edition page A22:


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Vaguely interesting article,

Vaguely interesting article, but obviously a fluff piece done after five minutes conversation in the knitting circle. Tried to make it about fashion, but it wasn't, according to the comments from the members. And the author thinks knitting needles are sharpened and would make good weapons, and knitters have a "talent for knitting and pearling." Disappointing, actually.

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Thanks for calling our

Thanks for calling our attention to this!

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I enjoyed the article and

I enjoyed the article and even commented. I have tried to get my local paper to do a knitting article but they seem disinterested. It is nice to see ourselves in any capacity and the WSJ is a big one!

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BTW Russel, no comments yet,

BTW Russel, no comments yet, they must need to be approved or something.

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Nice article! John

Nice article!