In the Pink Shawl

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I started this and let it sit for a while because I had trouble with joining the three sections. But once they were joined everything went well. It was an easy knit - but the joining was perplexing to me.

I used 900 yards of Araucania Chaiten 100% silk yarn on a US #2 needle (yeah I knit loosely - the yarn suggests using a US 6 - so even lace at a 4 would probably be normal).

This is a free pattern in Ravelry if anyone's interested.

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It makes me a little dizzy,

It makes me a little dizzy, but in a very good way. Nice work!

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Wow!! It looks like the

Wow!! It looks like the galaxy spinning out.

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I love those swirlies.

I love those swirlies.

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Very Fashionable! I like to

Very Fashionable! I like to wear a hit of pink as well.

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That spiral in the body of

That spiral in the body of the shawl looks amazing, great work.

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Very interesting pattern,

Very interesting pattern, Rick. I like the way the 3 different elements come together into an awesome design. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That is simply beautiful.

That is simply beautiful.

All the lace knitters here are going to really get me into trouble! I used to think the only way to get such lovely designs was to crochet and so have stuck with socks, scarves and gloves. These pieces are so inspiring though.

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It's soooo

It's soooo pretttyyyyy.....*drool*...sorry...I hope my first lace shawl will look half that good!

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The spiral galaxy look is

The spiral galaxy look is awesome! Like a colorful black hole, it just pulls you in. Damn fine job!

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Looks great!

Looks great!

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Amazing, Rick! I'm lovin'

Amazing, Rick! I'm lovin' the way the spiral in the colorway contrasts with the spiral of the yarn-overs. Great job!