Thanks gents - new trick learned

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New trick learned

A while ago I was reading a train of conversation on MWK about cabling without a cable needle… I was intrigued but daunted.

Well, the jumper I am working on is ALL cables (Jane Ellison, Beck), I figured that this was one technique I should learn to save time.

After a few initial hick ups and a slow start, I got it!

Thanks for the inspiration to learn a new skill men. (This sample is still on the needles so needs blocking yet)


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Thanks boys for the kind

Thanks boys for the kind words - I am looking forward to finishing this one, the Jo Sharp Tweed is so soft and beautiful (thath has spmething to do with the Wool / Alpaca / silk mix no doubt :)

Books - I bought one knitting bible from the bookshop - there were loads of them but i needed one with clear pictures and a good gerenal over view (I still consider myslef a novice too) BUT better than any book has been the internet - and You-Tube are great resources. You-Tube especially.

It was good old You Tube that finally got me going on this technique.

P :)

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If You Could Recommend One

If You Could Recommend One Book

I was surfing a bit looking at books on knitting technique, colour, texture and design. If you could recommend one book to cover the works, what would it be. Or would it be a book? This inquiring mind wants to know....and buy it :-) Thanks - Phil

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And, pray tell, is there a

And, pray tell, is there a direction in which you can point us aspiring novices to learn such a technique?
Inquiring minds want to know ;-)

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Your jumper is coming along

Your jumper is coming along really well Paul, those cables look impressive.

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Very nice work. I really

Very nice work. I really like the colorway. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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nice work. i do most cables

nice work. i do most cables with cable needle unless it's a lot of stitches.

we won't just get a cat, nubby nu nu, will manifest a kitten from our love and lint from our hemp socks

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Very Impressive! To be

Very Impressive! To be honest, after reading the attached link, this method really looks complicated. That's not to say there is a wrong or right way to make cable stitches...just a new way of reinventing the wheel :)

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Paul... This looks

Paul... This looks fantastic! I too have tossed my cable needles and love the freedom!!

For those of you who are interested, I found this site ( to be great at explaining the concept and have been able to easily translate it to most cables...


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colour me impressed!

colour me impressed!

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The cables look great.

The cables look great.

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Wow - all that without a

Wow - all that without a cable needle! It's beautiful. Nice job!