Blanket progress

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Hi everyone. Hope your summer was happy and healthy. I've been using the left-over balls of yarn and other scrap yarn to make myself a blanket. My using #10 size needles and garter stitch. I'm making it in 4 rectangles and then I will seem the edges together. The winters in Minnesota can get rather long, cold, chilly and drafty. So this will be a needed addition to my bed. The colors are greens, grays, and blues. I think they will work together nicely.....Happy knitting to all....Cullen

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Real nice work, Cullen. I

Real nice work, Cullen. I agree with Albert: those colors really work well together.

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Looks great. Ought to be

Looks great. Ought to be nice and warm.

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Very lovely garter stitch.

Very lovely garter stitch. Such bright, colors to liven things up. Super project!

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These colors vibrate

These colors vibrate beautifully together.