Non-identical twin sweaters for non-identical twin boys

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A co-worker is having twin boys (supposed to have them today in fact) and I worked up these two sweaters for her little ones. The second one was started Sunday evening and completed Tuesday morning. Not yet washed and blocked, but will do that very soon. Should be good for this winter here in Colorado but babies grow so fast!!

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Adorable Frank!!! I love

Adorable Frank!!! I love the colors and the pattern!

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These are the perfect gifts

These are the perfect gifts for the slightly anxious parents!! Now there will be NO mixing up the "identical" twins. LOL Nice work.

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I'm also an identical

I'm also an identical twin...and we learned to change clothing at an early ag...just to confuse people...(grin)

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Oh...I wouldn't say that:

Oh...I wouldn't say that: Being an identical twin, we had to wear our hospital name bracelets until our personalities were known [so Mom said] and they could tell us apart. If they aren't careful about using one sweater for one child, it could backfire on them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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wicked cute!

wicked cute!

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Very cute!

Very cute!

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So cute!

So cute!

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Great sweaters. I love the

Great sweaters. I love the way you used the same colors for both yet made them each different, very clever.

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Cute sweaters, Frank. I

Cute sweaters, Frank. I just love having a basic pattern that you can play around with as your whimsy takes off. That's one of the reasons I really like knitting EZs PI Shawl for just that reason...a great way to learn creative lace knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Beautiful sweaters. I love

Beautiful sweaters. I love them, especially are they are not in pastel colours. I must try this sweater on the youngest of our family.

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Great work, Frank Rick

Great work, Frank

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Love the sweaters. Hoping

Love the sweaters. Hoping to learn so much next weekend!

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too cute for words :) Great

too cute for words :)

Great Job


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Hey frank, They look great

Hey frank,

They look great

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Beautiful !!!!!

Beautiful !!!!!

and I am jealous. I am working on sweaters for friends who are expecting twins in February and I will still have to push to get finished in time. I chose a pattern with a very light yarn and a pattern that i like but that doesn't knit up fast. Where can I get the pattern that you've used and what yarn is this? I love them! Lucky babies to be received with such love ... and lucky you to be able to offer this gift. Congrats. - Phil

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Thanks!! The pattern is the

Thanks!! The pattern is the Child's Placket Sweater. I've tweaked it a bit now and then but it's a great pattern. The yarn is a mixture of worsted but all 100% wool. The cuffs are knitted on size 6 needles and the stockinette on size 7s. I've been trying to go through my stash and get rid of yarn. These two sweaters are part of my stash-buster projects!!

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I feel a new project in my

I feel a new project in my bones :-) and yes, the stash needs some culling. Thanks