12 years today

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Hi boys wanted to share that today is our 12th anniversary! scarey how fast time goes by!

This shot was taken last weekend, although it was only the first weekend of spring for us, we managed to dive in for a swim.


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Congratulations Paul!!!

Congratulations Paul!!! That's so great!

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A little late, but a BIG

A little late, but a BIG Congratulations! Very, Very happy for you!

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Congratuation Paul on your

Congratuation Paul on your anniversary. My partner Jerry and I celebrated our 11th year last month

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That's fantastic! It's nice

That's fantastic! It's nice to see you with your boy ;-) Congratulations!

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Many best regards and

Many best regards and congratulations. Many more. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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congratulations!! You look

congratulations!! You look great! and hot!

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Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your 12th. We are nearing our 14th. May you have many more. You make a very handsome & sexy couple.

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We notch up 30 years later

We notch up 30 years later this month.

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Huge congrats to you!!

Huge congrats to you!! We're coming up on our 7th here! :-)

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thanks boys Phil - 25!!

thanks boys

Phil - 25!! That is great... please don't tell me it keeps getting faster!


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Congratulations Paul. Wait

Congratulations Paul. Wait till you get past your 30th!!!

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Only 16 when you

Only 16 when you met???
Beautiful pic of the two of you :-)
Coming up to 25 for us in January. So impt for us all to name and celebrate these anniversaries with and for each other. Thanks for encouraging us all by naming yours.

Happy Spring down under - Phil

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congrats. handsome pair. we

congrats. handsome pair.
we are heading toward 17 in february

i picked a terrible day to give up sniffing glue

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Congratulations. Hope you

Congratulations. Hope you have many more years together.

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Congradulations wow 12, we

Congradulations wow 12, we are just coming up to our first lol (Sept 19th)