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As many of you know I love cables. I wrote an ebook a while back about multi-strand braids (any number from 4 - ????) and put it up on my blog. It went over well and quite a few people asked me to do a project with the braids. I have just finished blocking a shrug that shows a 2, 4, 6 (Saxon Braid), 8 (Barrington Braid), and 16 strand braid. I will makethe pattern available on my blog ( soon ... Here is a picture of the shrug.

Hugzzz 8-)

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cables are the best I am

cables are the best I am infatuated by them

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Absolutely magnificent!

Wonderful job.


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This is like a dream.... What a perfection...


sorry for my english... normally I speak French...

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Wow! That cable work is

Wow! That cable work is incredible! The shrug is really beautiful!

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Stunning! That is nothing

Stunning! That is nothing short of impressive. Excellent work =)

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Thanks Bill ... I took it

Thanks Bill ... I took it out as the picture is right.

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the Youtube link is for the

the Youtube link is for the natural gas video...not your shrug...

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Wow, that's cool! I'm still

Wow, that's cool!

I'm still working my way through your e-book, it's fascinating.

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WOW!!! Beautiful

WOW!!! Beautiful

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such clean cables. nice

such clean cables. nice work

i picked a terrible day to give up sniffing glue