The finished product

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Ok - finally got this shot on my boy as he was heading out to work this morning wearing the Jumper - fits like a glove!


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Only knitters would

Only knitters would understand & appreciate how much work went into that seemingly "simple" sweater. Very well done!!!!

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Looks fantastic! Looks like

Looks fantastic! Looks like a lot of love and patience went into it. Great work!

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What a WORK... This is the

What a WORK...
This is the perfection....

Which needle is it? How many times to make it? one life?

sorry for my english... normally I speak French...

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Paul, it looks incredible!!!

Paul, it looks incredible!!! I like the slim fit. I'm finishing up a cardigan right now in a similar weight, so I know exactly how much time goes into it, but well worth the time. Your execution was awesome!

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Looks amazing!!!

Looks amazing!!! Congratulations!

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Looks awesome! I always

Looks awesome! I always struggle to find a sweater that fits that well, you'll have to share the secret of your increases!

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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Rod's jumper looks great

Rod's jumper looks great Paul, I much prefer those knitted hems to ribbing. You've done a great job. That Beluga is a great colour, I was looking at it in Morris & Sons last week.

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Thanks kerry Really

Thanks kerry

Really apreciate the comment - yes - think I am going to do something in this colour again - maybe 8ply for me this time.
I have to avoid walking into Morris - I always buy something! gulp!

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Paul, that is some superb

Paul, that is some superb knitting. Very well done and looks just great on Rod. Congratulations. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautifully knit; beautiful

Beautifully knit; beautiful fit! Like others, I'd like a pointer to the pattern.

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Boys - thanks so much

Boys - thanks so much *blush* yes 4ply on 3.25mm needles was a big call for a man who is 6'5". But worth it as the weight is perfect for our climate.

Based on the Erika Knight Classic V neck in "Classic mens knits" but I altered it significantly.

All the boring details are in my ravelry projects (same username) - but in short, knitted hems instead of ribbing. knitted in the round and started much smaller around the waist and increased up as I went along.

Making a few baby things now to recover from the BIG job :)

Thanks again - you made my day



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Wow! Really, truly awesome!

Wow! Really, truly awesome!

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That is a great V. I'm

That is a great V. I'm going to find it and make :-)

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That looks amazing!! The

That looks amazing!! The color is great and the neckline / collar is fantastic!!! I want to make it!

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Wow...I love the look of the

Wow...I love the look of the fit. What size yarn and needles did you use? I would like to see more men's patterns in fingering and sport weight yarn, but since people prefer quicker knits, you don't see them often.

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It's funny how I almost get

It's funny how I almost get offended when people say this, but I mean it in the best looks like you could buy it at the store, being so well-executed and so stylish and so well fit. Gosh. That'll be the day, when I knit a sweater that looks that great! Kudos!

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Paul, that's beautifully

Paul, that's beautifully done!
...on those tiny needles must have taken forever!

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I love the jumper! Is it a

I love the jumper! Is it a published pattern or one of your own design? I especially like the neckline and the hem on the sleeves. Great job!