New York City!

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So I've finally moved in and settled into the big apple. I love my apartment (as long as we don't get bed bugs). I already have found a job to work, that is until I find a better one. And the next step is to start going to a LYS on my days off. Any suggestions for yarn shops in Manhattan? I know of Knitty City and The Yarn Co. Both are near where I live... well somewhat. Anyway! Let me know. Any mens knitting groups in the city?


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That would be Yarntopia on

That would be Yarntopia on Amsterdam near the Cathedral. It's close to my apartment and really handy to a lot of Thai restaurants.

I really like The Lion Brand Studio Store, which is quite a schlep for me from lower Harlem, but I can't get enough of their more premium yarns (the stuff you can't get at Michaels). The staff is unbeatable.

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Right you are, my friend.

Right you are, my friend. If I had found it, instead of learning about it after my trip, I would've had to figure out how to get yarn home without buying another suitcase. I didn't know it was near Thai restaurants but the Korean restaurant at 113th and Broadway is really good. As is the Greek restaurant on 113th, between Broadway and Amsterdam. Hope all is well with you. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Congrats on getting settled

Congrats on getting settled in. There is a really nice looking yarn shop on Amsterdam not far from the Cthedral of St. John the Divine. i didn't learn about it until after I was in NYC but it sounds like a really good one. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.