Finished Alpaca!!!

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Courtesy of rjr585, I was lucky enough for him to send me a pound or two of Alpaca fiber in three different natural shades! Dark brown (chocolate), Tan, and White, I just finished spinning the dark brown on my drop spindle and I am VERY proud of it! I andean plied it and now I came out with 135yds of beautiful Alpaca yarn! Pictures are below! Tell me what you think of it! Now...what to knit with it...hmmmm

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Me likey!

Me likey!

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Very nice spinning.

Very nice spinning. Congrats. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Looks like a beautiful yarn.

Looks like a beautiful yarn. Your spinning looks very even, keep up the good work.

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Beautiful fiber!!

Beautiful fiber!!