Helmet Liners

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Just finished my first helmet liner. Need to make a couple more before I send them out. I used a blend of 85% Merino and 15% Baby Camel. Very warm and soft.

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That looks great Ray! Did

That looks great Ray! Did you get the pattern from "Project Helmet Liner" or use the one on Lion Brand's website? I read some where that the military won't be accepting anymore handmade helmet liners after November 2010 because they were going to be issued from the govt thereafter. I think they had too much inconsistency in color, material and size/fit despite their explicit instructions. On the website for "PHL" they stated they were receiving some in fluorescent orange and bright pink! LOL...You can't fix stupid!

Nice work. Some soldier is

Nice work. Some soldier is going to be toasty warm this winter, and he won't care if it's a helmet liner or a balaclava.

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It rather does LOOK like a

It rather does LOOK like a balaclava. Were there some sort of directions or something? Must have been a reason you called it a helmet liner.

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Michael, the pattern is

Michael, the pattern is available on Ravelry and it's called a helmet liner there (that's the reason). It's also available around the web as it pops up as a charity knit periodically. It's a fun knit and a good cause! Just don't knit it in acrylic if you plan to donate it to the military. Acrylic melts in a fire and can make a facial injury worse. For them, wool is best.

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That would make sense.

That would make sense. There's no reason a helmet liner couldn't be in a balaclava pattern. In fact, I used to wear a similar hat under a motorcycle helmet many years ago.

It was drumpointer who said

It was drumpointer who said it was a balaclava.

That's a balaclava. Very

That's a balaclava.
Very nice.