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Hello everyone! I just cast on the Triumph Scarf from Ravelry. I'm about 40-some-odd rows in, and I love the pattern.

One thing I noticed since I've been doing Continental is that my cables look a little rigid. I think it's because I'm still figuring out my tension, but has anyone else experienced this? There's something about the cables that just don't look clean. Any help would be greatly appreciated =)

I'm also including some pictures of a cable scarf I just finished for my brother-in-law, started when I was using my other combination method. it looks much cleaner, but I think it's because the stitches are just more even from being twisted.

IMG_0826.JPG1.29 MB
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Hi there perhaps if you use

Hi there perhaps if you use one size more ??, I see your scarf a little close anyway wonderfull aran stitches !!
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The scarf looks great JoJo!

The scarf looks great JoJo! I love her designs!

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i think they look fine.

i think they look fine. tension of the first and last stitches are the hardest to make even with the others. i stopped using a cable needle and it goes smoother for me. i just can't seem to make it work in larger than 4 held

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That's exactly the problem

That's exactly the problem I'm having- the last stitch off the cable needle (or DPN, in my case) always comes loose. OY.

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VEry nice; a clean classic

VEry nice; a clean classic design.

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The finished scarf was

The finished scarf was actually my own creation. It's super simple, and I had been considering writing out the pattern, but was a little afraid since it's my first one. You inspired me, though, to write it out!

It's called "Basic Cable Can Be Fun", it's a free Ravelry pattern, or you can find it on my blog at:

Let me know what you think! If you have any questions, feel free to ask =)

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Mate - theay are such

Mate - theay are such beautiful scarves! what is the pattern for the finished one? is it on Ravelry too?

Don't know what you are worried about with the cables - they look fantastic.


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Beautiful work. I am

Beautiful work. I am inspired to restart the Triumph. Started it last fall and ripped it out when I massively messed it up.