Advice - Kitchener with needles?

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Hi guys,

An LYS friend of mine recently mentioned a technique she had learned for what is essentially doing kitchener stitch, but using knitting needles instead of a tapestry needle, but we didn't have time to discuss any details. I'm close to finishing a sweater and I need to attach the live stitches at the top of the front to the live stitches at the top of the back. 3 needle bind off is my fall back technique, and I'm not skilled enough at kitchener to be happy with the results, especially at such a visible part of the garment. I'd appreciate any help if someone has heard of such a technique.



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Just an FYI, a sweater hangs

Just an FYI, a sweater hangs from the shoulders and all of the weight of garment is pulling on the shoulder seem. A Kitchner bind off at the should is generally NOT strong enough to accommodate this weight and 3 needle bind off or seeming of some sort is far preferable. The Lucy Neatby technique is one used very much by machine knitters who use a lot of "waste yarn" at the beginning and ending of knitted pieces so that the pieces can be easily finished. Also for those who have problems with Kitchner, if you have 2 pieces of knitting that you want to join it is much easier to do off the needles. Look in EZ's Knitter's Almanac or Knitting Without Tears IIRC for the quick and dirty instructions.

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Thanks for the advice,

Thanks for the advice, Shawn. I think I will use the 3 needle bind off in this case.

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Thanks for these techniques.

Thanks for these techniques. I had the binding off down patt a while back ... now I've forgotten it... the other day I found out how to pick up live stitches... I think that's the term, because previously when I'd stitched up the seams, my god was it a mess. These two new techniques look great, even though I am not quite ready for them ... so with the beauty of the internet I have saved them in my favourite for future reference.
I currently have a pair of sock and a baby jacket on the go... so ... will see which one I try these new techniques out on.
Thanks once again.

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OMG! The "option" is

OMG! The "option" is ingenious! I'm SO excited to try this.... and the obvious question is- "Well DUH! Why didn't I think of this!?"

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You guys are amazing - here

You guys are amazing - here are two great responses:

This is the technique I was originally looking for:

And here's a VERY clever option as well:

Thanks all!