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Although the major work on my penguin was done about a month ago, I finally got around to assembling the little guy.  Muchas Gracias to Wil for posting about the pattern

Please don't laugh at his little thumb-tack eyes, he's very sensitive about them.  Besides, I haven't decided what I want to use for the eyes yet and the push pin is purely temporary.

I feel pretty groovy because labeled the pattern 'piquant', "A little something for the seasoned knitter."  Yee Haw!

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Impressive work on the

Impressive work on the penguin, Jeff...congrats!!  I saw that on Knitty and even printed it off, just never got around to trying it.  Maybe some day...

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dang! that's right, I'm

dang! that's right, I'm suyppossed to knit one of these for the nephew who's a penguin collecter. the question is, when?

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Excellent Jeff, well done.

Excellent Jeff, well done. Love this little guy, looks great.



I have this little guy's

I have this little guy's half-finished brother in my knitting basket, but I got distracted and never bought the stuffing material.  I don't have any eyes either, but thought some rhinestone buttons would be nice if I can find them.

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ooo, rhinestones!  Be

ooo, rhinestones!  Be still, my beating heart.

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 Jeff you always amaze me

 Jeff you always amaze me with your stitches dude.  I love this little penquin!!

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Why do you do this to me. I

Why do you do this to me. I have baby blankets, jackets, bootees, hats to make for my grandchild & now you add toys?!!!!!!!!

Kidding, well done it looks cute.  & yes I'll make one eventually I think. 

Knit away, knit away

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Very cute!  Is he yours, or

Very cute!  Is he yours, or will be gifted out?

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This particular guy is all

This particular guy is all mine.  He's slightly imperfect and I think I'll tackle the pattern again before giving them as gifts.  Besides, I think my niece would like one in pink or purple.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Jeff, Too much!  Really

Jeff, Too much!  Really fun.  I really love the little belly flap drooping over the feet.  Wonderful, Guy!

 ~Mike in Tampa (who needs to post his Chambered Nautilus toy.)

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