Western NY Men's Knitting Retreat?

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Anyone Interested?

I'm about 30 minutes north of Rochester right on Lake Ontario....

Grace and Peace,


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My wife used to live in

My wife used to live in Rochester so a visit is in the works for her and a place for me to go would be nice too.

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Tim This retreat sounds

This retreat sounds interesting, a cozy, comfortable and chance for contemplative creativity,l and I may very well consider it. However, right now I am waiting to hear about the possibility of going to Europe for a sabbatical in February which would have a definite impact on my winter schedule. So, allow me please to hold this retreat on my "just in case" file and please continue to keep us informed of your plans.

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Sounds interesting, though a

Sounds interesting, though a little far for me. Did you design that shirt you're wearing, or you bought it somewhere?

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I wish I could take credit

I wish I could take credit for it. It's by JiNX! - I got mine at:


Grace and Peace,

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Albany's not far either.

Albany's not far either. But that depends on construction on the Thruway!

Welcome to New York. I'm so glad you like it so far!

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I hope the idea catches on.

I hope the idea catches on. You're convenient to Syracuse and Rochester and not all that far from Buffalo - should be able to pull in a decent number of people.

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Hi Tim, You must have been

Hi Tim,
You must have been transferred. I thought you were in Mich. I grew up spending my summers along Lake Ontario. One place was Olcott Beach and the other was Hamlin. My brother-in-law was a Methodist minister there. I lived every summer with them, your note brought back memories.

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Yep, we moved in April/May.

Yep, we moved in April/May. The Reformed Church's system is a strange bag of interviewing and deciding to move - it's been a good move though. We're now at Pultneyville Reformed Church in Pultneyville (Williamson), NY. So far it seems like a beautiful community with wonderful people.

Grace and peace,

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*grin* technically you're 30

*grin* technically you're 30 minutes EAST of Rochester as Rochester is also on Lake Ontario......but that's okay.

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Ach... you caught me! I'm

Ach... you caught me! I'm so used to living in SW Michigan (where the lake is always WEST and up the shore is always NORTH).... I just can't seem to get the fact that the lake is north of me to sink in!

Grace and Peace,