Central Asian Slippers

Years ago Russians handed me slippers made by their mom from Fergana valley in Uzbekistan. I borrowed one and figured out that it was a crescent knit flat with short rows in garter stitch, folded in half with the outer edge and points sewn together. Flying from MI to CA over July 4th I knit these two pair as a wedding present for my ex wife's cousin, explaining that the key to a long marriage is being able to walk a mile in your spouse's shoes. She's not likely to believe my marital advice, but I hope that these his and hers "tapki" keep them cosy during cold Minnesota winters.

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I did try o send a private

I did try o send a private message requesting the pattern but it kept coming up "access denied", hope you did get it with my email address

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These are great gifts, a

These are great gifts, a superb job!!!!!!

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I agree, looks interesting,

I agree, looks interesting, but it's hard to figure out where you folded them and such. Great looking slippers though.

Thanks everyone for the

Thanks everyone for the compliments. I'll write up the pattern and send it to anyone who requests it and sends me an email address. -- Dan

Brilliant slippers. More

Brilliant slippers. More details on construction would be great.

Interesting slippers. Any

Interesting slippers. Any possibility on posting a pattern or a more detailed description on how they are made?

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Ditto on the brilliancy!

Ditto on the brilliancy! It's like a discovery from yesteryear. Beautiful job.