Music to Knit By

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I'd love to know what music you like to listen to while you knit! I enjoy classical, in particular Bach. I find that much of his counterpoint and rhythm simply lends itself to knitting. I especially enjoy his cantatas, though the Brandenburgs are knitworthy also. What are your favorites?


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I usually just have the TV

I usually just have the TV on in the background with the accompanying music of dog snores. However, last year when I was studying for the bar I listened to a bluegrass podcast that I liked a lot. I need to start that again because I loved the music and it was an hour to dedicate to knitting without doing anything else. Actually I guess that was 2 years ago...time flies.

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I will never knit to

I will never knit to anything again except MMario's Sound of Slience!!!!!!!!!!

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Ella Fitzgerald is knitted

Ella Fitzgerald is knitted into most of my projects, especially her live album Ella in Berlin. To me, her rhythm is great to knit to - although I tend to drop stitches when she sings "How high the moon"!

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Now I have to go to Youtube

Now I have to go to Youtube and listen to it!

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Most of the time, I knit to

Most of the time, I knit to whatever din is happening at the time.

Sometimes, I'll throw on my Elizabeth Zimmermann DVDs and not watch or listen to a thing...just have them chattering away.

Sometimes, I'll have PBS going and I'll be knitting to a story or a special presentation.

Sometimes, I'll just have the window down in the car and listen to the rush as I watch the road come forth and beneath the car and I knit...knit...knit away.

I have actually composed a couple of bits of music...some new age stuff, like you would hear on Hearts Of Space or Echoes...just random, and purely background (no melody at all) but, different styles to suit different moods.

I'm constantly knitting through everything in life, so, whatever comes around will be the backdrop.

However, as for Classical...I DO love Bach!!! I could knit to his Orgelwurke all day long...and who couldn't get a LOT of good work completed to the Cello concertos? My favourite of Beethoven's quartets is Opus 18 #5 and I'll have that going from time to time. I'll put on the complete Peer Gynt (both suites) sometimes. La Traviata is my all-time favourite opera, and so, every once in a while, I'll be knitting and purling from Brindisi all the way to Violetta's last high note and her drop to the stage floor. I'll knit to Messiah and to Samson and to The Creation.

...but then again, I'll also knit to the greatest Goddess of Rock and Roll, Stevie Nicks (and Fleetwood Mac, of course, just so I don't miss her) I'll be dancing around with my needles going away at top speed! SPIN, girl, SPIN!!!


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Cool! My favorite opera is

Cool! My favorite opera is Wagner's Die Meistersinger, in particular Act 3. I had a Disney record as a child that featured the themes from Die Meistersinger, and as soon as I heard it I knew I would really like to hear the whole thing. The same thing happened to me when I heard Beethoven's Violin Concerto for the first time. I was hooked after the first time I heard the 4 "dissonant" notes on the violin the first few measures into the piece.

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Oh, wow. Sometimes it's a

Oh, wow. Sometimes it's a little aggressive, like Nitzer Ebb, Front242, something repetitive and acidic like that. Other times its something completely different like Lisa Gerard or Dead Can Dance. I have to confess, though, that sometimes, just listening to the air outside at night, crickets and such, frogs croaking.....THAT'S when I'm really at one with the needles.

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Neat, what could be better

Neat, what could be better than Spring peepers and the glow of fireflies to knit to?

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Unfortunately, I lost my DCD

Unfortunately, I lost my DCD collection, but I do have Mirror Pool and Duality, plus Brendan's Eye Of The Hunter and Peter's Pathways and Dawns. As budget allows, I will recover the rest.

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Haven't heard of them but

Haven't heard of them but willing to try something new.

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Music will affect your

Music will affect your tension. I knew a guy who told me that he has discovered not to mix different music on the same knitting, since his tension would change. For really tight knitting, he listened to Wagner, and for looser knitting, he tended to go with Mozart. And I can see it happening.

A lady just told me yesterday that you never knit when you are angry (especially if you are angy at your husband!). And I understand that one. I told her you can knit something simple... and when you are finished with the knitting, rip it all out and let the tension just fly away! Or do something that needs to be knit at a really tight gauge. But I wouldn't want all that anger in any of my knitting!

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I wonder if he still got a

I wonder if he still got a tight knit while listening to the Spinning Song from Wagner's Die Fliegende Hollander ! LOL

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...ah, but, when you put all

...ah, but, when you put all that anger in your knitting, it all evens out in the what you get left over is perfect balance.


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My music depends on my mood.

My music depends on my mood. Can be anything, Rock, Classical, Opera, Country (old, don't care for the new stuff), I listen to Tom Jones a lot while I knit, also Techno/trance/dance/hardstyle when I really need to crank something out. The more I think about it I think it's more what I'm knitting on at the time that decides.

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Neato. I could get into

Neato. I could get into country for knitting music too.

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I usually knit in front of

I usually knit in front of the TV. Doesn't much matter what's on. Most of the time my knitting is more interesting.

I listen to more music when I'm spinning in my "office". I crank some Echo & The Bunnymen or Clan Of Xymox. Hard to say which one is my favorite. I've loved them both for so many years.

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I've seen what's on your

I've seen what's on your're right...the knitting is often more interesting ;-)

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I'm with TomH.

I'm with TomH.

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I usually have the TV or a

I usually have the TV or a movie on, but I love to listen to Jason Mraz, Jason Reeves, or Mandy Moore's album "Wild Hope" (I know, I wouldn't have thought I'd like her either...). And of course, showtunes =)

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Depends upon my

Depends upon my mood...sometimes it is Rock & Roll and other times it is Classical. And it is a variety of both genres. However, when I am really jamming to get to a deadline, I plug in Queen and get clicking. Hurrah for Freddie and the lads. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I knit to DVD movies or On

I knit to DVD movies or On Demand movies primarily. If I'm traveling and knitting, I listen to my "favorites" playlist on my iPod. There is a mix of really loud alternative rock and a smattering of Top40 from the past 20 years. My partner listens to classical and opera, and we generally don't like each other's music. We can knit in the same room as long as we're watching a movie or have our earbuds in.

When I knit alone in public, I ALWAYS have my iPod plugged into my head. It prevents interruptions when I'm working on something that requires counting, concentration, or even a mindless escape from other humans.


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I knit in silence.

I knit in silence.

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Hello Silence my old

Hello Silence my old friend
I've come to knit with you again
Because last night while softly weepin'
I frogged my project instead of sleepin'
and the project
that was planted in my brain
is just remains
And so I'll knit
with sounds of silence....

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Perfect! Thanks, Mario!

Perfect! Thanks, Mario!

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very rough. Though it has

very rough. Though it has possibilities....*sigh* another project in the "when I can find the time and energy" listing is the CD of knitting parodies.

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Brilliant! And now it's an

Brilliant! And now it's an earworm eating my brain.

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(Echo...echo...echo...) *Gigg


*Giggling because it's funny in my head*

Me, too.

Me, too.

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I'm another movie/podcast

I'm another movie/podcast knitter. If I do listen to music, it varies, as fits the type of knitting. A friend gave me a dramatized recording of the Lord of the Rings, which I want to listen to as I knit my Evenstar shawl.

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I usually listen to knitting

I usually listen to knitting podcasts that I subscribe to or watch movies while I knit. If I'm knitting something that requires a lot of attention I'll pull up an 80's internet station.

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If I have a knitting times

If I have a knitting times hour or two in the days or week, I listen to "Putumayo World Music Hour" It free radio show, you can just go this website listen! Here is the link : ( Click "Radio channel")
If you don't know "Putumayo Music" company know for world musics. Every weeks, they record show about the world musics, such as theme like a South Africa, Salsa, Rhythm and Blues, Flavors of India, Asia, World Pop and songs from around the worlds.

This week's show theme is "Reggae Legend"

Hope you like it.


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Cool I'll check it out.

Cool I'll check it out. Maybe I'll find the world music song I've been looking for for awhile.

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I'm with won66. I oftne have

I'm with won66. I oftne have on NPR while knitting. I loev sleeping in on Saturday moprnings, getting up and bringing a cup of steam'n caffeine to teh coffe table and clack away to "Car Talk: and "Wait Wait".


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"clack away" ...with Click

"clack away"

...with Click and Clack...

I love it!!!

I wonder if the brothers know what's going on while they're on mic.


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Dylan (Nashville Skyline,

Dylan (Nashville Skyline, Under the Red Sky, and others)
Diego's Umbrella (all)
The Rolling Stones (various)