Holy BABIES!!!

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* My brother's wife just gave birth.
* My second cousin just gave birth.
* My friend from grade school will be giving birth in a few months.
* My roommate's receptionist at work is a new grandmother.
* My co-worker gave birth...well a while ago, that one's going on a year in a few short months, but she's asked for some knit goods.
* I just found my sister is on the nest again, due in January!

Oh, and I just finished an adult-sized Pie Are Square shawl, which I'll be posting pictures soon enough.

NEVER a dull moment upon my knitting needles.



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Wow, Robert...it sounds as

Wow, Robert...it sounds as though you have run into the same sandbar I did when it came to multiple births all at once. I knit 7 baby shawls within a very short amount of time; I threatened to hand out condoms with them to avoid future inundations. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Sounds like spawning season

Sounds like spawning season in your neck o' the woods - yeah, these things seem to come in waves.....

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Congrats Uncle Robert!!

Congrats Uncle Robert!!

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You had better watch out

You had better watch out this baby thing may be catching.

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Well, congrats to everyone!

Well, congrats to everyone! I LURVE knitting for babies and kids. Luckily, they are fairly quick knits!

wow... it always seems to

wow... it always seems to come in waves, doesn't it? I love babies. :) Mine are already too big. :(

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Knitting for babies is not

Knitting for babies is not exactly why I got into this but it's certainly what really got me going and has been a favorite of mine since!! Happy knitting for the babies!!!