Red Alpaca Sweater

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Hey guys - Well what better time to finish up a hot alpaca sweater than during a summer heat wave. I'm off on a "Fiber Arts Tour " in Peru on Monday. YEAH!



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That's a very smart looking

That's a very smart looking sweater Bob! Did you design it yourself? The color looks fantastic on you and it's such a great picture! Have a wonderful trip to Peru!

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beautiful. looks cozy i

beautiful. looks cozy

i picked a terrible day to give up sniffing glue

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Beautiful job!! What's the

Beautiful job!! What's the pattern? And have a wonderful trip to Peru!! Bon Voyage!!

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Great work! Hey, what size

Great work! Hey, what size is it, cos if it's too hot over there, it's a frigid 14oC over here at the moment, positively chilling!

"Midnight shakes the memory as a madman shakes a dead geranium."

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Looks great !

Looks great !

What Mouline is not good

What Mouline is not good enough for you--you have to traipse off to the other ends of the earth in search of fibers?

But seriously, have a great trip. I am sure you'll have loads to share when you get back.

BTW: the sweater is beautiful, just like all of your other projects.

Keep well.

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Gorgeous color! Great work.

Gorgeous color! Great work. Bon voyage. I've always wanted to go to Peru.

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Beautiful sweater. Enjoy

Beautiful sweater. Enjoy your trip - I envy you. Such wonderful people in Peru.