There I go again...

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So once again, I find myself appologizing for neglecting my knitting blog on here. But I won't make a big deal out of it. I'm just gonna try to get right back into my knitting, and hopefulyl have some pics to put up. I'm putting a picture on here of a sock monkey I made. His name is Medio (like medias in Spanish, which means socks). I hope you all like him. At the moment, I'm working on my first knit afgan. I drew up the pattern myself, but I think it'll come out real nice. I just didn't realize it would be THIS MUCH work! haha

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Very cute and handsome

Very cute and handsome monkey. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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¡Medio es muy guapo!

¡Medio es muy guapo!

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hahaha muchas gracias! lo

hahaha muchas gracias! lo aprecio. =]

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thanks! he's definitely not

thanks! he's definitely not the color the pattern called for, but i like how he came out. he's my first KNIT amigurumi. i have a couple of crocheted ones i've done. i liked making the mouth the most. it used a technique that involved knitting on the cast on edging and starting in the round from there. it was different and fun to try.

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I love Medio. He's a great

I love Medio. He's a great looking monkey.