my latest man-made rug

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This is a rug I just finished for my sister. She picked the pattern and she picked the colors. She wanted something for in-front-of-the-kitchen-sink so I showed her a pile of pattern books and she picked out the Hearth Rug from “Knitted Rugs” by Donna Druchunas. Actually “knitting” that rug (instead of crocheting it, as I ended up doing) requires skills (increases, decreases and short rows) that I don’t yet have. And I was game to learn them and knit this rug...until I realized that I was going to have to sew all the bits together. At that point I said, “Nah.” This rug was not going in front of a hearth. It was going in front of the kitchen sink. Sewn-together, single-layer, knitted fabric on the floor in front of the kitchen sink did not seem like such a swell idea. On the other hand, one, long row of single-crochet stitched around and around on itself seemed like a much sturdier alternative. Also, of course, light-years easier.

This is actually the second attempt, or rug 2.0. With rug 1.0 I didn’t finesse the color changes, thinking that I wouldn’t notice them and that they wouldn’t bother me. Well, of course, I did notice them and they did bother me. Also 1.0 came out pear-shaped. I avoided the pear shape in 2.0 by measuring more often and and by using half-double crochets, where needed, to increase row height.

I used three strands of worsted weight Red Heart Super Saver for each color and a size N hook. It measures 28” X 42”.

Still working on the double-knitted, Fair Isle, cotton runner for the bathroom. That one’s a bit of a slow train coming.

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Very Nice! And reminiscent

Very Nice! And reminiscent of the braided rugs my Aunt used to make.

It really is a great-looking

It really is a great-looking rug Tom, and isn't your sister blessed to have such a thoughtful brother?

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Thanks, Bros, for all the

Thanks, Bros, for all the comments. It’s so excellent to have guys to share this with. Thanks!

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Looks great, Tom! I

Looks great, Tom! I wouldn't have thought about doing a rug until seeing your postings. One more thing to try some day...

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It looks great!

It looks great!

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Nice looking rug Tom.

Nice looking rug Tom.

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Yay, Tom. Very nice work

Yay, Tom. Very nice work that.

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Great Job Tom! It looks

Great Job Tom! It looks great and kudos for your improvisation of the pattern! My Mom could use a couple of new, sturdy kitchen rugs, so you've inspired a good gift for the future--thanks.

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Very nice work, Tom. I

Very nice work, Tom. I first attempted to learn crochet after watching my Mom work on rag rugs. That was a disaster. Later, though, I planned to teach her to knit rag rugs [she had seen a woman doing one] but, unfortunately, Mom died and I never got the chance. Three strands of yarn and a supersized hook [or knitting needle, perhaps?] would make for a fast project, though. I had best keep that in mind. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice!

Very nice!

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Tom, the rug is beautiful

Tom, the rug is beautiful and I am sure your sister is pleased with it. The colours are very striking. Wonderful work.