A bit of LOTR knitting

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While I have left my Evenstar shawl sitting in a corner unfinished during the last month or two, I did manage to finish a related handsome bit of lace named after a handsome bit of elf. It's the Legolas Kerchief by Susan Pandorf. I went from hating it after a first attempt at blocking it, having let the shawl boss me around. When I took charge and showed him no mercy in a second blocking, he conformed to a wearable shape, and I'm delighted with the resulting lace. During a quick photo shoot before running to work, I was able to catch some nice light that reminds me of the golden ambience of Lothlorien. My leafy kerchief is worked in an olive-y shade of Araucania Nature Wool, but these pictures could have been taken when Legolas joined the fellowship in visiting Galadriel's magical wood.

This was one of those really satisfying--albeit small--lace projects that left me invigorated after the magic of blocking took place. I wet-blocked it and gave it a healthy dose of steam from my iron, for good measure. Aah, lace. It's like...crack. There was a time I would have not thought I'd ever say that, and it wasn't so terribly long ago.

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Very handsome Knitter and

Very handsome Knitter and very handsome knit wrap. I love the way the wrap was displayed in the different pictures, Thanks for sharing Will

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A very nice wrap. You're

A very nice wrap. You're right, the light does seem to carry that Lothlorien feel.

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Beautifully done Willy!!! I

Beautifully done Willy!!! I love that pattern with your yarn choice!

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Thank guys! *Sigh* I just

Thank guys!

*Sigh* I just finished a several-month Harry Potter marathon (first time reads) this morning. And I miss him already. So I'm feeling a trip to Middle Earth might be just the ticket here, too.

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Lovely piece of lace Willy.

Lovely piece of lace Willy.

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Very lovely knitting, Willy.

Very lovely knitting, Willy. LOTR has been a mainstay of my reading for more years than I can remember...in fact, it is about time to travel to Middle Earth again. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Love it! It looks so good

Love it! It looks so good on you.

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I refuse to admit the number

I refuse to admit the number of times I reread LOTR in high school, but I will say I love how your kerchief captures the spirit of Tolkien's elves. :) It's beautiful.

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Beautiful piece and it looks

Beautiful piece and it looks very beautiful on you as well.

I'm going to have to check out the Araucania...the color is very rich.

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Amazing, isn't it? And I

Amazing, isn't it?

And I love the variety in your pictures; I don't know if it was deliberate or not, but one features the lacy aspect, one features the texture, and the third is really about the colour....

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This is just gorgeous.

This is just gorgeous. Maybe I'll try a bit of lace soon.

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Just beautiful, I really

Just beautiful, I really like the last Picture.

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Very beautiful.

Very beautiful.

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very handsome! I knitting an

very handsome!
I knitting an Arwen Wrap by Tabitha heart. ...my first lace work...