My baby blanket is on Lion Brand's Blog

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Hi everyone,

Just tooting my own horn a bit. Lion Brand Yarn Studio published my recent Baby Blanket project on their blog today.


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Hi Michael, just looked at

Hi Michael, just looked at your picture again, what pattern stitch is that?

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It's from "...Color

It's from "...Color Knitting..." by Margaret Radcliffe, P.46, Waffle Check.
I used the gray yarn for all the slipped sts like the diagram shows and changed colors as I felt.

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Well done Michael!

Well done Michael! Congratulations! I lurve that blanket.

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You are such a Knitting

You are such a Knitting Stud! It's wonderful!

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Congratulations, Michael!

Congratulations, Michael! Can't help but wonder what it feels like to have a pattern that you created published by a yarn company. Must feel pretty excellent. It feels pretty excellent to me just belonging to the same group you do. Reflected glory and all that. My hat is completely off to you. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

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Thanks Tom, It was a nice

Thanks Tom,

It was a nice surprise when I found out they were going to publish it. But, in addition to that recognition, the praise from everyone here is also great.

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Now i know which blanket you

Now i know which blanket you are talking about. Sorry that I didn't remember it when you mentioned it to me at the retreat.

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congrats. looks

congrats. looks good

wherever you go, there you are

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Nice blanket.

Nice blanket. Congratulations.

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Congratulations! -- > We are


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Three thumbs up!

Three thumbs up!

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Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone!

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Bravo! Great blanket.

Bravo! Great blanket.

QueerJoe's picture the the Lion Brand deserve the recognition and the praise.

You can't imagine how great it was to finally meet you in person so I can find out you're as great a guy as you come across here at MWK!

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Thanks Joe, I had a great

Thanks Joe, I had a great time at MSKR and it was great to meet you as well (and everyone else).

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I love the blanket!! It

I love the blanket!! It shows up differently depending how close or far away you are. I love that and the blend of colors is spot on: not too "girly", not to "boyish", and certainly, not too "baby". This blanket will go a long way! Congratulations on the post. It is well-deserved. Yeah for Michael!!! ;)e-

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Thanks! You realize these


You realize these are the same yarns I used for my helical knitting cap, right? But without the silver/gray yarn, those colors are really bright.

You should toot your own

You should toot your own horn as the blanket is a beautiful piece of work. Like Bill, I suspect of lot oof people will be copying the pattern. Well done.

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That is great, Michael! It

That is great, Michael! It is definitely a thrill to see your pattern in print - regardless of medium. I am glad they posted it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's beautiful, Michael, and

It's beautiful, Michael, and your thorough explanation of the pattern is very helpful. I'll be a lot of people copy that...

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How cool is that! The

How cool is that! The blanket looks great - i like how the waffle check softens the colors, and i think your border nicely ties together the blues.